thank you, lynda barry

the diver’s clothes lying empty on the beach
~ Rumi ~ (Coleman Barks Translation)

you’re sitting here with us
but you’re also out walking in
a field at dawn
you are yourself the animal we hunt
when you come with us on the hunt
you are in your body like a plant is solid
in the ground — yet you’re wind
you’re the diver’s clothes lying empty on the beach
you’re the fish
In the ocean are many bright strands
and many dark strands like
veins that are seen when a wing is lifted up
your hidden self is blood in those –
– those veins which are like lute strings that
play ocean music — not the sad edge of surf
but the sound of no shore


3 Responses to “thank you, lynda barry”

  1. antnydimo Says:

    Holly! I was just about to start my homework assignment and went searching for the Rumi poem. Thanks for posting it. Wasn’t the week fantastic? I found some Youtube links that you might find interesting.
    The first is a full version of “Jimmy Carter Says Yes” accompanied by zither (!!!!)

    The second, the Underpants song.

    Remember, the third step is profits!

  2. Holly Cara Price Says:

    the week was amazing. YES! thanks for the links! i am still buzzing with contentment over the experience of the workshop.

  3. matthewjeske Says:

    nice poem.
    how does this relate to lynda barry?

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